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Bakar Tongkang Festival In Indonesia

Bagan Siapi-api, Riau, Indonesia, June 21, 2016 - Bakar Tongkang cultural history of the Chinese in Bagan Siapi-api, Riau, Indonesia stems from the demands of a better quality of life, a group of Chinese from Fujian Province, China wander across the ocean with a simple wooden boat. They've settled some time in the village of Xixi (fishing village) in Songkla, Southern Thailand. Because of the turmoil that region of Chinese ancestry Bagan Siapiapi with 4 barge sailing without direction and purpose. Along the way they found many challenges such as rain storms and large waves, eventually there lived two barges. They continue sailing while praying for guidance god Hu Ki Ong Ya & Tai Sun god whose statue they bring in the altar of a barge. They look for fish along the journey while exchange barter with people whom they encountered. They never stopped in several places. Of 2 barges that survived in part decided to settle in South Panipahan. Staying one barge containing 18 people, all surnamed Ang who continue the journey. While seek god they finally see the light at night which was derived from animals firefly perched on trees along the Rokan River estuary. They tried to catch fish along the river the result was great then they are determined to settle in that area and not return stricken origin by holding an event with a burning barge they drive. It also coincides with the birthday of the god Hu Ki Ong Ya they trust. The area that became known today by the name of Bagan Siapiapi. The name comes from the name Bagan Siapi-api, Bagan is shelters while the fish are located along the estuary of the River Rokan & Siapi-api is animal fireflies and wood fires are located along the coast of Rokan River. To commemorate the ancestors as an act of gratitude to Gods Kie Ong Yes, annually held ritual Fuel Barge or Go Cap Lak. Go means the fifth month and Cap Lak means the date of sixteen, Go Cap Lak celebration falls on the 16th of the fifth lunar month every year.

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Date Taken: 06.2016
Date Uploaded: 07.2017
Photo Location: Indonesia
Camera: X-M1
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