21st Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Natural World
Capillary - Arterial Trees

In the thought-provoking photographic series titled "Arterial Trees," the photographer explores a profound and haunting connection between the vital lifelines of nature and the impact of human actions on our planet. Through a lens that captures the intricate network of branches, leaves, and roots, the trees in this series bear an uncanny resemblance to the human circulatory system. This powerful visual metaphor underscores the fundamental importance of trees as the lifeblood of our planet. Just as arteries transport oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies, trees perform a similar role for the Earth by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing us with the essential oxygen we breathe. However, "Arterial Trees" also serves as a poignant reminder of the dire consequences of human activities such as deforestation, pollution, and climate change. This photographic series is a call to action, urging us to recognize the vital role trees play in maintaining the health of our planet. It challenges us to confront the devastating consequences of deforestation and environmental degradation, emphasizing the urgent need for responsible stewardship of the Earth. "Arterial Trees" serves as a visual testament to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and reminds us that, just like our own arteries, the well-being of trees is inseparable from our own.

Photo Detail
Date Taken: 11.2022
Date Uploaded: 11.2023
Photo Location: Italy
Copyright: © Cristina Burns