21st Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Travel

Along the riverbank, a scene of vibrant activity unfolded as a group of washer men meticulously arranged a kaleidoscope of colorful sarees and clothes to dry in the gentle breeze. The washer men were no strangers to hard work, yet every day, as they spread the vibrant fabrics along the riverbank, they felt a sense of connection to their past, a link to the ancestors who had passed down this tradition from one generation to the next. The sarees and clothes were a visual symphony of colours - rich reds, calming blues, joyful yellows, and every shade in between. Each piece carried its own story, a narrative that only the river and the fishermen truly understood. There was a sense of unity and harmony in this act, as though nature itself were applauding the village's resilience and commitment to preserving its heritage. The village, the river, the washer men, and the colourful fabrics - all were woven together in a tapestry of life that had stood the test of time. The vibrant atmosphere on the riverbank wasn't just a scene of clothes drying; it was a celebration of tradition, a reflection of unity, and a testament to the enduring spirit of a close-knit community. And as the day came to an end, the river continued to flow, carrying with it the stories of the village and its people, as well as the colorful memories of yet another day by its side.

Photo Detail
Date Taken: 02.2022
Date Uploaded: 11.2023
Photo Location: Kolkata, India
Camera: NIKON D750
Copyright: © Debashis Mukherjee