21st Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Artistic
The Bee and the Cosmo

"Flower Dreams" is a photographic series that delves into the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world. Within this collection, every image of flowers and insects finds its origin in the enchanting beauty of small flowerbeds. In these seemingly confined spaces, a remarkable transformation occurs. Vivid colors burst forth, defying the constraints of concrete surroundings, and a dreamlike atmosphere envelops the scenes, ushering viewers into a realm where reality is redefined. Through the lens of the photographer, these humble flowerbeds become portals to an alternate perception of the world. The vibrant blossoms and delicate insects take center stage, transcending their modest origins to assume a role of profound significance. In "Flower Dreams," nature's resilience and its innate ability to coexist with urban environments are celebrated. The series invites us to pause, contemplate, and appreciate the hidden wonders that thrive in the most unexpected places, encouraging a deeper connection between mankind and the natural world that surrounds us.

Photo Detail
Date Taken: 08.2021
Date Uploaded: 11.2023
Photo Location: Belgium
Copyright: © Cristina Burns