21st Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest People

Contrasting scene of a garbageman carrying the waste of a market against the backdrop of a wholesale sugarcane market in Kolkata. This juxtaposition encapsulates the diverse and dynamic nature of urban life, where different facets of daily existence coexist. The image of the garbageman performing his essential duty speaks to the behind-the-scenes efforts that keep the city functioning. It's a reminder of the often-overlooked work that contributes to the cleanliness and sanitation of public spaces. In the background, the wholesale sugarcane market adds an interesting layer to the scene. The abundance of sugarcane creates a visual contrast between the waste being managed and the fresh produce being traded. It's a snapshot of the dichotomy present in urban areas, where different industries, economies, and daily activities converge. This photograph not only captures a moment in time but also tells a story of the intricate and multifaceted nature of city life. It reflects the resilience of cities like Kolkata, where various sectors, from waste management to agricultural markets, contribute to the overall vibrancy and functionality of the urban landscape.

Photo Detail
Date Taken: 05.2022
Date Uploaded: 11.2023
Photo Location: Kolkata, India
Camera: NIKON D750
Copyright: © Debashis Mukherjee