18th Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Altered Images
Time Regained

A diptych from the series Time Regained The lockdown in Venice in the spring of 2020 closed the external world and opened the inner world. I paused commercial projects and went ahead with my contemplative photography, put photographs in order and started collecting solitaire ​— black on white, day on night, soft on hard, stone on water ​— in this way the project was born. The photographs are displayed in a specific order, forming rhymed pairs. This poem is mine, everyone can compose their own. Yes, the time stopped in Venice such seems as if it waits for me. This time is not lost but regained. “In describing objects one can make those which figure in a particular place succeed each other indefinitely; the truth will only begin to emerge from the moment that the writer takes two different objects, posits their relationship, the analogue in the world of art to the only relationship of causal law in the world of science, and encloses it within the circle of fine style. In this, as in life, he fuses a quality common to two sensations, extracts their essence and in order to withdraw them from the contingencies of time, unites them in a metaphor.” Marcel Proust, Time Regained (The full series is of 24 photographs, available on my website http://art.vasilyeva.photography/ )

Photo Detail
Date Taken: 09.2018
Date Uploaded: 11.2020
Photo Location: Venice, Italy
Copyright: © Eva Vasilyeva